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Party Wall and Rights to Light

The Party Wall etc. Act (1996) gave owners and occupiers of buildings throughout the UK potentially at risk from nearby building works a mechanism for safeguarding the building, known as a Party Wall Award.


This is a document drawn up between the Building Owner and the Adjoining Owner or their respective Surveyors, recording the condition of the building before the commencement of the works, agreeing on any protective measures which may be required, and putting in place a mechanism to ensure the repair and reinstatement of any damage caused by the works. KHA has extensive experience dealing with all aspects of The Party Wall Act and is pleased to accept instructions from either party.


Rights to Light is a complex subject that deals with the amount of daylight entering a room.

House extensions are a common cause of rights to light disputes and early advice can often prevent expensive and drawn-out legal disputes.


For more information please follow either one of these links;


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