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Building Survey

A Building Survey is the most detailed property inspection and was previously known as a Full Structural Survey. It's different from a homebuyer's report providing a more in-depth investigation and assessment of the Condition of the Property, concentrating not merely on aspects of the property requiring attention but describing the property and its grounds as well.


The report will advise:

  • Any major problems with the building

  • The general condition of reasonably accessible internal and external parts of the building

  • The roof structure

  • Anything that could be expensive to fix in the future

  • Any suspected problems like timber infestation or dampness that might need specialist advice

  • The overall impression of services like water supply and drainage – (testing these services isn't included).


A Building Survey is a comprehensive inspection of a property and is suitable for all types and ages of property, including those of unusual construction and historic properties. 

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