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Building Surveying Services

Many people embarking on one of the biggest purchases in their life do so only on the basis of a mortgage valuation from their lender. However, mortgage valuations are not a survey, they purely assess the value of the property for mortgage security purposes and provide the purchaser with little protection.


There are two main types of survey: the homebuyer's report and the survey of the building (also known as the full structural survey). All lenders require a basic valuation but the level of survey you need depends a lot on the individual property you are buying.


For more detail on each of the survey types, click on the link below.

Mortgage Valuations

Homebuyers Survey & Valuation

Building Survey

Commercial Survey

Defects Analysis

Snagging Reports

Building Consultancy


KHA Chartered Surveyors appreciates that one of the most valuable services we can offer is to keep you informed of developments in the property market.


Our Building Consultancy department offers a variety of professional services including;


Expert Reports

Feasibility Reports

Party Wall and Right to Light

To contact KHA Surveyors, please call 07813 085464 or email

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